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About the Studio

     Started in 2013, this company has specializes in unique hand carved ornamentation and model making. This is a small studio and is not set up for large scale mass production of stone work. We work in conjunction with stone production firms, general contractors, and masonry contractors as well as architecture firms to offer products specific to each.

     Carving primarily architectural stone ornament, we have occasionally worked in wood when the need arises. We create physical models, drawn designs, and blueprints to use in the work and offer these additional services separately as well. Residential carving can/is done directly for the homeowner. Working with the client from idea to install to create something bespoke carving.

     Hand finishing and models and produced for production firms. Working plans and surveying are done for general contractors. On-site carving is done for masonry contractors. Ornament detail, and consultation on historic carving is done for architecture firms.

     Currently we serve the upper midwest areas and east coast  with new and historic hand carving services.

About the Artist

     I started carving stone in 2006 in Charleston SC under master carver Simeon Warren while attending The American College of the Building Arts. I have trained overseas with the Lincoln  Cathedral Works Department, and the Prince's Foundation, Worked with The Shaker Museum and Library to set physical example for working specification and a HAB's report for future restoration of the North Family's Great Stone Barn, and working in a production shop under Ane Tempelmann a German master carver. With training in historic preservation, hand & computer drafting, general construction, and masonry in addition to stone carving, I left with a Bachelors of Science in Architectural Stone Carving.

     I then worked for Quarra Stone LLC, stone fabricator, under Frank Haufe, a German master carver. Working there, I was able to carve for some great projects; University of Wisconsin's Birge Hall and Memorial Union, the Henry Block Monument, Yale's Battel Chapel, Phelps Hall, Sterling Chemistry Lab, and Payne Whitney Gym, and Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Alden Memorial. 

     7 Years after starting to carve stone I started my own company. Originally based in Montana, I started by working with homeowners, residential contractors there, then traveled to larger job sites and out of state. I have since found a home in Minneapolis Minnesota where my studio is now. 


I am now getting ready to start a new phase of growth here with another MN based stone carver, Scott Halverson with Architrave Stone Carving.  We are in the process of setting up a partnership so that we can both increase capacity.