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Armed Forces Memorial

Architect- ?

Contractor- ?

Masonry contractor- ?

Masonry Subcontractor- Quarra Stone


I carved the lettering for this memorial during my time with Quarra. This was an octagonal granite piece.

Lafayette Cemetery No.1

After Katerina, many of the cemeteries were damaged and Mimi had an opportunity to go to New Orleans and help with the restoration. 


All attempts were made to preserve the original fabric of the mausoleums. We saved the original bricks, cleaned and reused them to rebuild. 


Virgina Lime Works did a mortar analyses and donated the mortar to the restoration.

Marble tomb stones were found in pieces covered by the mud from the flooding.  We documented were they were found and carefully cleaned them in a nondestructive manner.  Then we constructed a marble housing to support and preserve the tomb stones.