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Old South Church
Boston, Massachusetts

Architect - ​Ann Coleman, Associate Principal and Unit Manager with Wiss, Janney, Elstner’s


Contractor - ​Consigli Construction


​​• Masonry Subcontractor - Quarra Stone

These are direct carvings from the original pieces shipped from Boston, MA.


- 1 Sandstone flower with return

- 1 Portland Red Sandstone pinnacle

- Multiple Portland Sandstone rock-faced ashlars

Lincoln Cathedral

At Lincoln Cathedral in the United Kingdom, Mimi spent time working with the Cathedral Works Department in the stone shop. The Works department and the stone masons gave Mimi an in depth look at their work and trained her in Cathedral preservation.

While there, Mimi received an behind the scenes tour of the Cathedral and the work being done there. She got a chance to learn from the joints, glaziers, lead workers and the conservationists as well as the masons.​

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    Old South Church Belt Course

    This is a direct carvings from the original pieces of the belt course. 1 Sandstone flower with return.