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TPT Almanac MN State Capitol

Jan 2016

The Almanac does a weekly hour-long mix of news, politics and culture is seen live statewide on the six stations of the Minnesota Public Television Association.  In this video is a tour of Capitol renovations that takes you up high on the exterior of the building to show you some of the stonework going on.

The Toolbelt

June 2010

 In Honor of the Class of 2010

ACBA Commencement Awards and Honors

"Several students were honored with very special awards during the graduation program. The Nancy D. Hawk Award was presented by Penny Hawk Wilson and given to Marlo Thomas Sutphin, cum laude, in recognition of the college’s valedictorian. The Herbert A. DeCosta, Jr. Award was presented by Emily and Margaret DeCosta and given to Margaret Ann Conlon in recognition for excellence in Craftsmanship." ...

Building Blocks

April 14, 2010

The American College of the Building Arts takes the next step

by Erica Jackson

..."In essence, ACBA graduates are set to enter the workforce at the very top of a field that the Department of Labor says is one of the most vital in the country. And while construction is an industry that will always need skilled workers, the level of their mastery is on a completely different plane. After all, if craftsmen don't exist to properly preserve our country's historic treasures, we might as well take a picture and kiss them goodbye. " ...

Arts Feature: Eye of the Beholder

March 2009

by Lydia Dishman

..."Mimi Conlon, a Greenville native who currently attends the American College of the Building Arts (ACBA) in Charleston, wields a hammer and chisel to bring out the art in edifices both ancient and new.

When Conlon landed an internship in England this past" ...

A Hands on Education

September/October, 2009

An innovative college in Charleston, S.C., teaches the forgotten arts of preservation 

By Eric Wills

..."In the stone carving shop on the (Charleston Old City) jail's ground floor, junior Mimi Conlon took her mallet and chisel to a mantelpiece, decorating each corner with intricate leafwork modeled on flourishes found at St. Albans Cathedral in Hertfordshire, England."...

Building arts festival to offer displays, crafters

Sunday, March 9, 2008

By Jim Parker

... "American College of the Building Arts students take part in crafts that will be part of the Masters of the Building Arts Festival sponsored by the college. Here, student Mimi Conlon learns how to carve a salmon brick." ...

Rebuilding the Building Arts

Winter 2006/2007

by Morris Hylton III

..."In 2003, WMF facilitated a partnership between the Association Ouvriére des Compagnons du Devoir et Tour de France, France’s highly regarded system for education building craftsman, and the then School of the Building Arts in Charleston, SC, (see ICON Spring 2005). The School of the Building Arts was founded in 1988 to address the lack of qualified craftspeople needed to restore the historic buildings of Charleston following Hurricane Hugo. The Compagnons served as a model as the leaders and staff of the School of Building Arts" ...

The Toolbelt

Winter 2006/2007

Roe Foundation Scholarship

"The Roe Foundation was founded by the late Thomas A. Roe of Greenville, SC. The Roe Foundation Scholarship is offered to support the educational goals of students from the Greenville area. ACBA is pleased to announce that Margaret Ann Conlon has been accepted to the Architectural Stone program as the 2006 recipient. Miss Conlon recently graduated from Wando high school with a 4.02 GPA, which placed her in the top of her class. A personal interest in preservation led her to discover the unique undergraduate  program offered by the college."...

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21-23 June 13,

From Saturday 22nd to Sunday 23rd June 2013, Lincoln Cathedral will be hosting the European Stone Festival, by kind permission of the Dean and Chapter.

We will be welcoming up to 150 stonemasons and stone carvers from all over Europe. This festival has been held annually since 1999, and is hosted in a different country each year. This will be its first time in the UK, for ten years. The setting will be the East Green of Lincoln Cathedral and it will be open to the general public; entry will be free of charge. During the weekend the masons will be demonstrating their skills and creativity in friendly rivalry, and sharing their experience and methods with one another. The theme for the carvings is ‘Food and Farming’, in recognition of the rich agricultural heritage of our county.

6-7, Sept 13,

The 17th Annual International Preservation Trades Workshop will be conducted in partnership with the National Park Service, Historic Preservation Training Center. The National Park Service Historic Preservation Training Center shop facility at the historic Jenkins Cannery will be the main venue for the workshop and is located near the heart of Frederick’s historic and arts district.

Architectural Carving: 3 Dimensional, Reductive Profile Carving

Margaret will be demonstrating the fundamentals of traditional stone profile carving. She will be carving the corner of a small scale classical entablature which will include a cornice, frieze, architrave and portion of the pediment.

Margaret Moore is a graduate of the American College of the Building Arts and owner of a dedicated stone carving studio, Moore Carver LLC. She has worked on many prestigious projects around the country, including multiple state capitals. Margaret has trained at the Lincoln Cathedral Works department in England. She was awarded the DeCosta Award for Excellence in Craftsmanship by the American Colleg of the Building Arts.

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Mimi received glowing comments from the site architect. She can be justifiably proud of her work."  

Dalton Schreiber, Operations Manager,Quarra Stone