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Historic Carving

Moore Carver is schooled in the old world skills and techniques of stone carving.  This enables Moore Carver to be able to replicate any historic stone finish in the original method that the stone was carved.  Thus ensuring that the restoration work done will look exactly as the original architects and stone carvers intended.


Moore Carver offers design packages including hand drawing/drafting and full scale clay models of any ornament. This is beneficial in streamlining the approval process.

Moore Carver understands that historic hand carving can be a time intensive endeavor and there for expensive. To offset this, different levels of historic accuracy are available to help offset the cost of a completely hand carved stone.

New Design

Moore Carver uses old world skills and knowledge to create new and innovative adornments and architectural ornaments. Drawing upon the lessons of past architects and stone carvers enables Moore Carver to build upon those lessons and create new and innovative designs. 

Along with utilizing knowledge and techniques from the past, Moore Carver also keeps up to date with all new innovations in the industry and utilizes them to their best advantage.

Moore Carver takes pride and pleasure in the design process and offers design packages ranging from hand drawn schematics and sketches to full scale clay modeling in order to provide the customer with the clearest picture of the item they want it produced.

Residential Ornament

Moore Carver is a diversified company and accommodates all clients from the home owner and gardeners to architects and preservationists.

Whatever size your project is, Moore Carver is willing to work with you and meet your needs.

Moore Carver loves to do small, unique pieces of art, individualize for each client.  For sundials or outdoor seating and anything in between to beautify your home.

Mimi has worked with Save Our Cemeteries, The Preservation Trades Network and The American college of the Building Arts on monument restorations in Lafayette Cemetery No. 1.  Located in what now is the heart of the Garden District, between Washington, Sixth, Prytania, and Coliseum streets, Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 is the oldest of the seven municipal, city-operated cemeteries in New Orleans and was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina.