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  • New elements are crafted with modern tools and traditional tools.  Merging traditional craft and modern technology gives the best end product, in the best time frame.

  • Hand finishing of prefabricated stone work is offered to stone suppliers and fabricators in need of special surfacing and hand finishing.

  • Carving for Residential and commercial projects.


  • Dimensional surveying for working plans.

  • Fabrication ticketing produced for in-house use or for outside stone fabricators.

  • Damage assessment surveying.

  • Historic American Building surveying.

  • Documentation of process for historic rehabilitation tax credit.

Surveying & Fabrication Ticketing

  • We produces completely new design and models in a chosen style.

  • Reproduces ornamental elements in keeping with the context of the building.

  • Transform historic ornament into an easily manufactured and replicable product, in 2D and 3D.

  • Use a variety of different model making material to accommodate uses from prototypes to industrial casting.

Design & Modeling

  • ​​​Reproduction of old and damaged stone work.

  • Partial replacement of damaged stone work or "dutchman"

  • Physical stone consolidation or re-dressing of a damaged surface.

  • Chemical stone consolidation.

Stone Restoration