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    State Capitols

    Kansas State Capitol

    Architect- Treanor Architects


    Contractor- JE Dunn


    Masonry contractor- Mark 1 Restoration


    Masonry Subcontractor- Quarra Stone

    Mimi worked for Quarra Stone to carve many dutchman in limestone and on site, doing demolition and installation as well as in-situ carving of ornamental elements.

    Minnesota State Capitol


    Architect- Hammel, Green and Abrahamson Architects and Engineers / SCA - a Capitol Restoration Collaborative


    Contractor- JE Dunn Construction - Jason McMillen 


    Masonry Contractor- Mark1 Restoration


    Masonry Subcontractor - Twin City Tile and Marble Company (TCTM)

    Mimi worked for TCTM to ​​complete work on the exterior of the building. Work was down on the North face, West face and West portico as well as the South face.


    Scope of work consisted of blending pre carved and pre installed georgia marble into the existing carving and compete reproduction carving of pre installed blanks in situ.



    New York State Capitol


    Architect- Mesick-Cohen-Wilson-Baker & ​Simpson Gumpertz and Heger, Inc.


    Contractor- Consigli Construction Co., Inc


    Masonry Subcontractor- Quarra Stone

    Mimi worked for Quarra Stone to

    ​​complete work in the Assembly room, Tower Hall and the Senate.

    Assembly Room Wallace Sandstone

    - 3 sandstone carved balcony brackets.

    - 2 of the shell/pea pod  moldings

    - 2 of the five leaved flower moldings

    - 6 baluster panels

    - 1 tracery balustrade

    - 4 bull-nosed arch voussoir


    Tower Hall (Granite)

    - 3 wall relief pieces, heart motif

    ​- 3 bull-nosed arch voussoir


    Senate Dunhouse Sandstone

    - 3 wall panel relief pieces

    - 2 tympanum reliefs

    - 2 tracery pieces

    - 1 maple leaf molding

    - 2 rose and leaf moldings